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    Van der Waals (VdW) materials have opened new directions in the study of low dimensional magnetism. A largely unexplored arena is the intrinsic tuning of VdW magnets toward new ground states. Chromium trihalides provided the first such example with a change of interlayer magnetic coupling emerging upon exfoliation. Here, we take a different approach to engineer previously unknown ground states.
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    Currently, Professor De Wals is a member of research centers at the Quebec University Hospital, the Sherbrooke University Hospital and the Quebec Heart and Lung University Institute. He also serves as medical advisor to the Quebec National Institute of Public Health.
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    Met dank aan Griet Samain (zang) en Xavier Van Betsbrugge (piano). 'Wals van de stilte' - ISBN - is vanaf 17 juli '20 bij de boekhandel te verkrijgen, een gesigneerd boek kan je.
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    Jul 31,  · Van der Waals (vdW) materials are made up of strongly bonded two-dimensional (2D) layers that are bound in the third dimension through weaker dispersion forces. Graphite is a vdW material broadly used in industry in electrodes, lubricants, fibers, heat exchangers, and batteries. Its single-layer form, graphene ([ 1 ][1]), ushered in the new era of 2D materials that have tunable thickness and.
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    With no requirements for lattice matching, van der Waals (vdW) ferromagnetic materials are rapidly establishing themselves as effective building blocks for next-generation spintronic devices. We report a hitherto rarely seen antisymmetric magnetoresistance (MR) effect in vdW heterostructured Fe3GeTe2 (FGT)/graphite/FGT devices. Unlike conventional giant MR (GMR), which is characterized by two.
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