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    We all know that Ranbir is not the first man in Katrina's life, the actor has dated Salman Khan too in the past. We take a look at Katrina's love life. Oye FM's Desi Girl is all about gossip from the world of Bollywood. Tune in Monday-Friday pm. Check out what our stars are upto and know their secrets!
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    The final chapter brings us back from ideas of what 'the animal' is, to ask how these questions might relate to environmental politics, including ecofeminism and animal rights. Partial contents: Pt. I. Animal Meanings. 2. The Meanings of Animals. 3. Changing Meanings; Pt. II. Animals in Science. 4. Into the Laboratory. 5. Writing the Animal.
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    What if Elena has a little sister that both Klaus and Damon fall for. Her name is Ariana. Before her parents died. She lived in LA learning acting. After her parents died she came back to Mystic Fall and bomp into the supernature world. Can she deal with it?
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    Dec 20,  · A man named Juju Bhai oversees the young goddess' life. For generations, members of his wife's family have been the custodians of Kumari Ghar. "We are parents in name .
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    Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world’s most comprehensive DNA database.
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    Living Goddess Kumari. Regarded as a Living Goddess, a young Newar girl with no blemishes is chosen to represent the Goddess Kumari as an incarnation of Goddess Taleju, the tutelary deity of the Malla dynasty and the Shah dynasty which inherited the tradition.
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    Sikhism - Sikhism - Guru Gobind Singh and the founding of the Khalsa: Following the death of Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh (–), the most important of all the Gurus with the exception of Guru Nanak, assumed leadership of the Sikhs. Gobind Rai, whose name was altered to Gobind Singh possibly at the time of the creation of the Khalsa, was born in Patna, the only child of Guru Tegh.
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    Jan 17,  · Kali's fierce form is strewed with awesome symbols. Her black complexion symbolizes her all-embracing and transcendental nature. Says the Mahanirvana Tantra: "Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her".Her nudity is primeval, fundamental, and transparent like Nature — the earth, sea, and sky.
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    Jul 14,  · In , Kateri Tekakwitha became the first Native American to be canonized a saint by the Catholic Church. A miracle attributed to her intercession paved the .