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    The link between IQ and affinity for black humor, the researchers hypothesized, was likely do to with the fact that comprehending a dark joke is “a complex information-processing task.” As with understanding a pun, unraveling the layers of meaning requires a fair bit of mental exercise.
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    Aug 29,  · If you describe your own comedy as "edgy," you're probably a jerk. If you find PewDiePie hilarious, you could have a medical condition doctors refer to as "terminal incorrectness." But these are merely condescending knee-jerk judgments on our part. There are in fact some objective things your sense of humor can tell us about the state of your mind.
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    The things we find funny as a result of our age or developmental stage seem to be related to the stressors we experience during this time. Basically, we laugh at the issues that stress us out. Another factor that affects what we find funny is the culture or community from which we come.
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    Nov 11,  · Humor is everywhere; even the most serious dramas and stories have some amount of humor in them to increase engagement and add balance. In personal relationships, humor is .
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    Jun 09,  · Humor is one of the most highly regarded forms of brilliance in the world. A comedian’s brain works faster than the average brain -- it can almost be jarring to be around.
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    The humor in that case came from watching the innocent onlooker’s reactions to these situations. But there are also real weird, nonsensical things that come up in your own life. So spend a week pretending that Alan Funt has set these situations up for you to enjoy. Your job is to just find them.
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    Most humor in everyday life comes in the form of. Spontaneous situations resulting in verbal or nonverbal humor. Some research suggests that females are perceived as being. Less sarcastic than males. Research has shown that sarcasm is comprehended most quickly when the .
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